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As an internationally renowned transformative coach and speaker, Sophie offers you and your organization a chance to learn scientifically proven strategies for happiness for better leadership, increased performance & improved engagement at work. Her research based talks and workshops are designed to help CEO’s, managers and staff to boost levels of productivity, communication, creativity, joy and profitability.

Sophie collaborates to design a keynote, half-day, or all-day seminar that best serves the needs of the client. Her main goal is to help further the vision, mission, and objective of the event or organization. She offers trainings for individuals, small groups, and large teams. Some of the companies that she’s worked with include LG Electronics, Gano Excel, The British American Business Council, Unruly Media, CASS Business School and The University of Phoenix.

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There is a direct connection between a happy, thriving work culture and profitability.

Speaking Topics

Here are a list of our workshops and keynotes for organizations. We offer half day and full day trainings in all topics.  If you have a subject in mind for a keynote please let us know and we will create a dynamic talk or workshop for you.

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Flourishing Forward

At Sophie Keller Inc we believe that having a happy team is the greatest economic advantage a company can have. In his interactive workshop you will learn about the science behind happiness and how it affects productivity, creativity, health and relationships within the workplace. You’ll get practical guidance on how to experience more joy, develop your talents, be more productive and find meaning in day-to-day tasks. You’ll discover ways to break negative thinking patterns, adopt a more energetic and positive mindset and help to shape you organization for the better.

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Communicate to Evoke Excellence in Others

The mood of a company and the joy that staff feel starts from the top. A supportive supervisor who shows interest in employees lives and encourages work development inspires his team to be productive and happy. As a Master Trainer in NLP Sophie teaches how to use respectful language with associates, set clearly defined goals, run effective meetings, give captivating presentations and communicate constructively as a means of growth.

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How to Utilize the Strengths of Your Team

Only 17% of staff claim that they use their strengths on a daily basis at work. And yet to have a team that performs at its optimum capacity and joy, each member needs to be doing work that both engages and energizes them. Our workshops ensure that there is a good level of job-fit and skill-use and that each person is recognized for his talents and has the opportunity to develop new abilities, so that executives can create a high level of employee satisfaction and development.

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Mindfulness Training in the Workplace 

Studies prove that if you encourage your team to look after their stress levels they will be calmer, perform better and ultimately have less sick days. Our research-based, interactive mindfulness training encourages you to reduce anxiety, improve attention and assists in helping you to make calm and rational decisions. Sophie, who started TM at 14, will teach you how to take short meditation breaks, how to actively listen to your colleagues and will give ways to be more aware of your health throughout your working day.


What People Are Saying

“Sophie’s message is extremely uplifting and motivating. I highly recommend her as a speaker at any event where you want everyone to listen, learn and be motivated to change his or her life for the better.”

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Heidi Nietert
British American Business Council

“Sophie gave a fantastic talk. The audience was extremely engaged and loved the interactive, hands-on exercises. Everyone stayed for ages to continue the discussion with her. Sophie clearly hit a nerve with everyone.”

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Dr Caroline Wiertz
Cass Business School

“Sophie was amazing! Emotional and inspiring! And what a person! I’m looking forward to having her at our next event.”

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Michael Rann
Gano Coffee

“It was an honor to have Sophie speak at our event. She’s warm, funny and loving and we had absolutely rave reviews. Judging from the sales of her 4 best-selling books, that is what we call a ‘well received talk”

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Liza Boubari
3E Event

Let us help you make happiness the foundation for your success!