How Happy is Your Health?


How Happy is Your Health? – 50 Great Tips to Help you Live a Long, Happy and Healthy Life

If you want to live disease-free to a ripe old age then get this book! With these 50 tips, it’s easier than ever to become your healthiest self possible, starting now. Discover:

How putting a mirror on your fridge can help you lose weight.
Which vitamin is known to prevent cancer and depression.
Easy and unusual ways to cut cravings.
Which plastics are safe to use and which are not.
The 12 fruits and vegetables you must buy organic.
How to look 7 years younger.

Product Description

Your health is number one. That’s it. End of story! You can have a great marriage, a great career and a great family but taking care of your health has to come before everything else.

When it comes to your health, you need to think long-term. The question you need to ask yourself is, “how will the way I treat my body now affect it five years, ten years and forty years from now?” If how you are taking care of your body now will support your long-term vitality and help slow down your aging, then go for it, otherwise you need to change some habits before it’s too late.

This book provides fifty unusual and original health tips that are easy to implement and have the capacity to make a big impact on the quality of your life. If you follow them, I promise you they will help prevent disease and assist you to live to a ripe old age! My goal is to give you knowledge so that you can make your own informed choices and decide what is best for you.

There are four sections in the book. In the Healthy Eating section you will learn about your food. You will discover which specific fruits and vegetables are important to eat organic, what terms like “free-range” really mean on your egg cartons and easy and unusual ways to achieve your ideal weight.

In the Healthy Self section you will learn about the powerful mind-body connection: how to release anger and express your feelings to make you look younger, how your language can help you lose weight and which three energy-draining habits you will want to do away with.

In the Healthy Body section you will discover alternative healing practices and new ways to exercise, including easy ways to combat the winter blues, which pressure point you can use to help cure a hangover and how changing your posture can change your life.

In the Healthy Earth section you will learn easy ways to avoid common toxins. You will gain an understanding of which specific plastics are safe to use and which are not, why fluoride-free toothpaste is better for you and reasons why you might want to improve the water quality in your home.

My personal health journey began at a very young age. When I was fourteen, I hurt my back and shoulder while playing com- petitive tennis. I was in excruciating pain and had problems sit- ting and standing. I went to a host of medical doctors, who said they couldn’t help me and insisted I would never be better. As a result, I took my healing into my own hands and explored holistic and drug-free therapies. I did Pilates to strengthen the muscles in my back, started meditating to release stress and clear my mind and went to therapy to understand why my back, my support system, had given up on me. After seeing the incredible results I could get naturally, I began a lifelong journey to discover more about optimum health and how to achieve it.

Over the years, I realized, among other things, that it is probably better to eat fruits and vegetables that have not been sprayed with poison, that the mind and body are completely intertwined when one is suffering, the other often follows suit and that it is a good idea to treat my body as if it is my best friend, since we’ll be spending a lifetime together.

I studied under many different doctors at the forefront of complementary medicines and trained in numerous different bodyworks, mind therapies and spiritual practices to heal myself and to gain insight in the field of personal development and hap- piness. I became a life coach, master practitioner and trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis, as well as a qualified yoga teacher. Bringing together the knowledge that I gained over the years, I eventually became an expert in the field of happiness.

I’ve taken many things that I’ve learned about health and distilled them into these simple and easy to follow tips. I promise that if you follow them it will make a big difference in how you look and feel.

I wish you a long, healthy and happy life.

Love, Sophie