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How to Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days

A Digital Program to be the Happiest Single Person You Know

  • Have You Just Broken Up With Your Partner?
  • Been Stuck on Your Ex for Longer Than You Care to Admit?
  • Are You Upset, Angry & Scared You Might Never Get Over It?

Do negative thoughts keep running around your head like…

  • ‘Why didn’t it work?’
  • ‘Where did I go wrong?’
  • ‘I’m never going to find somebody.’

I’m Sophie Keller and with my program How to Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days I’m going to help you, regardless of whether you were dumped or you did the dumping!

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After Miscarriage


A Digital Program to help get you through the Grieving Process

Have you lost a baby during pregnancy or just after giving birth?
If you have, I will help you now.

Regardless of the negative thoughts that are rushing around your head – whether you lost your baby just recently, a few years ago, or many years ago – this digital program, After Miscarriage, will help you move through the grieving process, give you miscarriage support and help with your pregnancy after miscarriage.

“We lost our baby 4 months and I was devastated. I thought there would be no way that I would ever try again. After Miscarriage helped me recover quickly, I got pregnant again and had a wonderful pregnancy. We now have a beautiful baby girl.”

Janice Fisher

“Not only did this help me recover form the loss of our baby, but I actually found myself feeling stronger than I had ever felt before.”

Georgia Lee

“Only after I did Sophie Keller’s ‘After Miscarriage’ did I stop blaming myself.”

Pamela Roberts

“Losing my baby at 6 months pregnant was the toughest thing I have ever gone through. If you’ve lost a baby run, don’t walk to get After Miscarriage. It is the only thing out there that will help you heal completely.”

Kelly Hamilton

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It really has been life changing! Not only has it helped me to quickly heal from my break up, I’m also no longer excited by emotionally unavailable partners and know that I’m going to attract someone fantastic next time. The interactive video lessons, the guided meditation & engaging exercises all have been a life-changing, awesome journey! Thank you so much Sophie.”

Benjamin Rivera
Austin, TX

“Sophie’s program is paced and perfected for results. The journal exercises are life changing and I am continuing to use them beyond the course because of the way they powerfully clarify and and focus my vision. This program has been a valuable investment of my time and energy and I am already seeing results.”

Camillia Thompson