Running With The Olympic Torch

After 6 weeks in London spearheading the ‘How Happy is London?’ Campaign to over 21,000 of my twitter followers. It culminated in an incredible moment when my brother, Nick ran with the Olympic Torch the day before the Olympics.

‘How Happy is’ Series To Be Sold In China

Great news, Harlequin Books have just sold the Simplified Book rights to China for the entire ‘How Happy is’ book series. I am so thrilled that there is a potential for so many people to really benefit from the 50 happiness boosting tips and the fun and revealing quiz in each of the 4 books.

Sophie Asks ‘How Happy Is London?’

Join me on location in the next two week for the run up to the Olympics on the ‘How Happy is’ blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for a taste of Britain, as I find out just ‘How Happy is London’ to be hosting the Olympics? I will be sending pictures of art openings, historic sites and scenes from the city. As well as interviews from the locals and finding out the real state of happiness in ‘The Big Smoke’.

‘How Happy is’ Book Series in Airports NOW!

The ‘How Happy is’ 4 book series is now available in 151 airports around USA. So you can pick up a copy of one of the books, do the revealing quiz on the plane, go to the happiness-boosting tips you need the most to get some easy to apply advice and be even happier in your love life, marriage, health or home by the time you get to your destination!

British American Business Council Speech

Sophie spoke to 350 people for the British American Business Council lunch in Los Angeles on ‘Happiness’. BABC is the largest transatlantic business network based in major business centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Sophie’s talk was about gratitude over the holidays and how to make the next year your best yet.