We help you and your employees to become happier in order to increase your bottom line.

The link between employee satisfaction and financial results is very real. At Sophie Keller Inc we help you to develop a culture of happiness and well-being throughout your organization. Our research based talks and interactive workshops use the ground-breaking science of positive psychology to help improve staff performance and productivity, develop engaging leaders, foster deeper employee loyalty, boost health and help employees take pride in what they do. We offer trainings for individuals, small groups and large teams.

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Happy people are . . .

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More Productive

Happy employees are more motivated and engaged. They provide better customer service & make effective team members.

More Loyal

With a more positive environment your staff retention rates remain high and hiring costs are low.

Better health

Happy employees are healthier, have fewer sick days, are less stressed and have more energy.

Increased creativity

Positive employees are more innovative. And can more easily embrace and implement new ideas.

Better Relationships

Happy employees are more collaborative, make deeper social connections and  make great leaders.

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Did you know that happy people perform 202% better than those who are not?

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Book a transformative talk inside your organization or at your event. Sophie regularly speaks on the psychology of happiness at work, on the topics of her books or designs tailor-made keynotes.

What we offer

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Get half to full days workshops inside your organization. We combine lecture, discussions and interactive exercises to help working individuals walk away feeling happy, competent and satisfied in their roles.

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Coaching & Consulting

Get one-on-one practical and effective advice to improve your business performance, leadership ability and personal relationships.

Some of our Happy Partners

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What our Clients are Saying . . .

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“Sophie lives and breathes her message. Our audience love her unique perspective and endless take home happiness tips. She is an excellent host and one of the most talented people I know”

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Scott Warren
Exec Producer KTLA5

“Sophie finished her talk and silence hit the room, followed by a standing ovation. Her inspiring and true words have impacted my life and hundreds of lives here today”

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Guillermo Huesca
TV Host

“Sophie is an inspiring leader who grabs life with both hands. She truly embodies the spirit of our brand.”

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Woman Magazine

Sophie’s message is extremely uplifting and motivating. I highly recommend her as a speaker at any event where you want everyone to listen, learn and be motivated to change his or her life for the better.

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Heidi Nietert
British American Business Council

Sophie is entertaining, engaging and wise. She easily connects to any audience and is a complete joy to work with.

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Mike De Rae
LG Electronics

Sophie was amazing! Emotional and inspiring! She changed many people’s lives today. I’m looking forward to having her at our next event.

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Michael Rann
Gano Coffee
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Let us help you make happiness the foundation for your success!